Smart Search Engine

A Myriad of Options

  • create chain trips
  • create open-jaw round trips
  • do a radius search
  • do a rectangual search
  • decide on airlines to search
  • see price history
  • search all airports in a country or region
  • define number of stopovers and time spent at them
  • export results to a spreadsheet program

Smart Search Engine

Multilingual App

Azuon comes in 12 different languages, supports 40 currencies and allows more than 30 payment methods to be defined per airline.

Cheapest Flights

Be Informed

Did you know that whenever you paid more than 50 euro for a European flight booked three or more weeks in advance you most likely wasted some money?

Personal. Powerful. Low Cost.

Azuon brings together fares from the most popular low cost airlines to offer a seamless, highly functional desktop solution for your advanced, personalized, low cost flight search.

Cheapest Flights

Your digital travel agent

Have you ever wondered how travel agents find great flight deals? The answer is at your fingertips. Azuon searches flight combinations between low cost airlines and helps you find the cheapest connections ever. For example, it first shows an unorthodox but very affordable Malta - Oslo - Riga multileg trip, and only then a standard but more expensive Malta - Rome - Riga.

Creative Trip Planning

Search multiple routes at once

Search flights from Stavanger to Monastir but also from anywhere in south Norway to anywhere in Tunisia. Now anything can be an origin or destination: select a city, country, a continent, the whole world or define your own sets of airports! Let us surprise you and reveal affordable fares from your home to places you only dreamt about.

Smart Search Engine

Search entire date ranges

Why repeat searches over and over again for different dates? Azuon lets you select a range of dates, pick only desired weekdays for departure or arrival, and even hours of flight departures. Select the entire summer 2014 and hit the search button!

Smart Search Engine

See price history

Select your favorite flight and see its price changes in the past. Analyze trends and decide when is the best time to book. Don't let airlines cheat you!

Supported Airlines

Supported Airlines

The following low or semi-low cost airlines are supported in the newest version of Azuon:

Aeroflot, Air Arabia, Binter Canarias, blu-express, Blue Air, Condor, Corendon, easyJet, Emirates, Eurowings, IberiaExpress,, KLM, Pegasus, Pobeda, Ryanair, SunExpress, TUI Netherlands, TUIfly, TUIfly Belgium, TuiUK, Virgin Australia.

On average we add one new airline per month in the application. Note that Azuon does not sell flights but it facilitates booking through airline websites.