Dig out Best Fare

Dig out Best Fare

Forget about awkward and time-consuming research for cheapest routes and dates online. With Azuon, thousands of fares are available with just a couple of clicks.

Cheapest Flights

Pay What You See

Prices shown are real and final, including all taxes and fees. You can view a detailed price history of any flight and get insight as to what's the best time to book. Azuon will never cheat you: it is strictly no-frills just like the low cost airlines it searches!

Creative Trip Planning

Be Creative

Create your own search regions such as the Spanish islands. Hop from one airport to another in a cycle. Share your searches with friends.

Download the Azuon App

Download Azuon

Try the latest version of Azuon for free today! Download application and use it in demo mode, until you're ready to Sign Up. Demo mode for Windows never expires but it finds less flights for more time and lacks some advanced features. Demo mode for Android shows random flights only.

Installation file for Windows [file size: 4.4 MB]:

Download Azuon 8.0.8387

Compiled on Sunday 18th of December 2022.
Now available on Android too:

Azuon in Play Store

In case you have problems with the above installer, please use this alternative download link. Simply extract the archive anywhere and double click on "Azuon.exe" inside the extracted folder.
In case you receive a browser subsystem related error or another dll or system error on Azuon start-up, please download this package . The contents of the archive must be extracted to something like C:\Users\[Your Name]\AppData\Roaming\Azuon\CEF .
The installation file is the same both for demo and full version and it comes in the following languages:
English Deutsch polski español
português italiano русский český
Nederlands magyar lietuvių srpski

Azuon screenshots

Click on images to enlarge and see Azuon in action.

System Requirements

Azuon is an undemanding application that installs in 3 clicks and 5 seconds.
Hardware requirements: 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz processor, 10 MB hard disc space.

How to install Azuon on Windows

Azuon requires Windows 7 or later with .NET 4.5 Framework or later. Note that .NET 4.5 or later is already included in most current versions of Windows.

Run downloaded Azuon.msi file. Ignore any security warnings from your browser or operating system.

An installation wizard will open. Welcome to Azuon: you need to click Next just once.

You might get an error message mentioning .NET. In this case, please install .NET separately from this official Microsoft download web page.

Open Azuon and log in with your email address and password. If you haven't signed up for an Azuon account yet, click on Demo.

See how to install Azuon on other Operating Systems.